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S p a c e s


                              S  p  a  c  e  s

               There’s no in-between space where:

                                                                                                  just right

                     You’re not too skinny and

                        too fat, or too quiet but                                  desirable 

                      no one wants your opinions

                  especially not if they’re loud &                         repugnant


                       You’re made to fit there,

                    Yeah there, where you can’t                                 rebel




      That’s such a compliment, coming from you! I have a lot more stuff, but I also have this crazy idea that I could try and get some of it published (hasn’t happened so far, but I just need to keep submitting it), so I haven’t put them up on here. I’ve really failed to write much poetry recently, so I’m hoping to start getting back into it a bit more 🙂

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