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How She Fell

Hey everybody, Happy Monday! (It’s so easy to say when you’re not working)

This is a list poem I wrote earlier this year using an anaphora. An anaphora refers to the repetition of a certain word or phrase at the beginning of successive lines of writing or speech; in this case, I’ve used a phrase (or variation on the phrase) throughout the poem at the start of each stanza.

Hope you like this one – let me know!

— A. xx


How She Fell

She fell in love with him by stages,

The way that poetry is written and music played

and the way the moon rises,

At once both inevitable and impatient

serenely sure and shudderingly uncertain.


She fell in love with him for

how he saw her beyond her skin

the face she showed the world,

for the way he let her cry

and the scent of water in the desert


She fell in love with him and

the way his fingertips touched her skin

So that he carelessly brushed her soul.

His hands louder than words

when there were none.


He fell in love with her for the way

her hair tumbled over her face,

the freckles on her nose in summer

the way she laughed and maybe too

how her voice played in the air, but


Really, they fell in love with one another for the way

their souls touched without meaning to

and yet found a home in one another.

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