• A Story!

    anapascoe001@gmail.com · May 24, 2016

    To celebrate my last (working) day in the Army, here’s a short story I wrote late last year. Hurray! The Beginning “Ally? Are you ok?” It was the first time he’d spoken since they’d entered. ...

    Prose, Short Stories
  • S p a c e s

    anapascoe001@gmail.com · May 22, 2016

                                  S  p  a  c  e  s                There’s no in-between space where:     ...

  • The Inaugural Post

    anapascoe001@gmail.com · May 21, 2016

    Hi everyone, Welcome to my blog! I’ll be using this platform to publish my poems, short story and anything else I write or create. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of my ...

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