Another Week – Hiking, Swimming, The Perseid Meteor Show and THE ARMADILLO

Another update and a big Happy Friday everyone!

Well, this week has been another rollercoaster ride of adventures, weird animals, ice cream, burritos and training.

We went for a hike up Elk Mountain last Saturday with Kim and Frankie and, as you can see from the view below, it was worth it.Though reaching the summit was an effort, and we were soaked by the time we got there, the view was incredible. Frankie had the best approach:  with the sun was out in force and the climb feeling like hard work, she sussed out any possible shade and had a lie down whenever she could.


The stunning view from Elk Mountain


Looking hot and sweaty and ten kinds of badass. Pretty much pro hikers.

We went and had delicious Froyo at Cherry Berry afterwards; the biggest danger is that it’s really not that hard to end up with the world’s largest tub of frozen yoghurt. I had both gummy bears AND sour worms. Regrets are for the weak.

Speaking of the weak, we’ve been watching the Olympics, where weakness is nowhere to be seen. Oooooooh wow. Although our crummy service provider and lack of cable means we only get to watch highlights, rather than the whole thing, but it’s still pretty exciting stuff! It’s been amazing to watch some of the incredible swimming moments for Aus and to marvel at Simone Biles in the gymnastics (she’s blowing my mind). As well as the Rugby Sevens, the equestrian and some of the diving. Of course it meant that when we went swimming on Wednesday afternoon, I felt inspired to throw some butterfly into our training, which was a lot of fun, if somewhat challenging for my unconditioned body. How could anyone possibly watch these phenomenal athletes and not be inspired?? That being said, I think the eighth plague of Egypt had recently been visited upon the Rinehart Pool, because there were bugs everywhere, which I feel is something the Olympians haven’t had to deal with. I counted at least five grasshoppers (dead or alive) on lane ropes, on the sides, squished into the grill beneath the diving blocks. After having also had to deal with a whole bunch of different creepy-crawlies in our gym, my tolerance for insects is at an all-time low and my yearning for a clean, 50-metre pool is growing exponentially.

I kicked ass in the pool though, so whatever. 😀

I finally got my butt into gear to check our mail yesterday, only to find out that we had some letters and a parcel! Kim sent us a hilarious thank you card in the mail and James’ mum sent us TIM TAMS. For any Americans here who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me just tell you: you are living a half life until you try these. They’re delicious. And amazing and full of chocolatey goodness. We both ate two double-coat last night and, well… There are no words. If you are living without knowing about Tim Tams, tell me. I’ll find a way to get you some, somehow, because you need these in your life.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. On our way home from the gym last night, we drove past an armadillo. A LIVE armadillo. ALIVE. So I made James stop the car and we got out to take a closer look. I decided that it would be a brilliant idea to film the little guy and narrate his life journey (and my excitement), only to discover that I hadn’t actually taken my finger off the record button and thus hadn’t recorded anything at all. Sigh. By this time, the armadillo had fled into the safety of a nearby drain and we had to chase after it, including climbing into a ditch to see into the tunnel. When he finally emerged on the other side, I filmed this awesome video. Luckily, we didn’t try and catch it, though some friends recommended we give it a go… Apparently armadillos can give you leprosy too. Awks. I totally did not realise that.

After all that excitement, we were a bit tired and, later on, full of a tasty chicken and mushroom risotto (the pride in the house was palpable at our culinary success). So though we had admirable plans to try and watch the Perseid Meteor shower last night, we failed miserably: apparently the best viewing time was between 0100 and 0500. Um.. No. I’m sorry, but no. It’s bad enough that we’ve both been having some restless nights (and some craaaaaaazy dreams), without adding in a ridiculously early start. Sort it out meteors, and please present yourself for my viewing pleasure at a more appropriate time.

Political Ideologies essays wait for no woman, so I’m off to write about fascism and hopefully create something semi-decent. If you’re a genius in this field, please let me know and feel free to transmit said brilliance straight to my brain.

Have a great weekend everyone!

— Ana.


  1. Haha! I always made friend bring me cheese when I was overseas…. but Tim Tams…yesss! Meanwhile, you look totes badass on that mountain! I walked around the Aussie Blue Mountains on the weekend and couldn’t help but think of America; they boasted the widest canyon in the world! The scenery reminded me of what I expected the US desert to look like. So weird, it is like time travel.

    • I miss so many things about home! Even generally, the food is so different – and beaches, I miss beaches! Haha thank you, thank you :p That would have been beautiful: I’ve never visited that part of Aus and would love to. We’re definitely going to get to the Grand Canyon while we’re over here and I can’t wait! Those kinds of natural features are just mind boggling.

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